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mmm peanut butter

Hey Hey i guess it hasn't hit me yet...
I fell through this crack and i kinda lost my head.
Sorry just singing.
So i found this Blue Rodeo cd in Craig's music folder and it brings back so many memories of grade 7 and 8....haha simple times and simple relationships. I probably dated Andrew Bento like 20 times through elementary school.
I had to write because I had such an unbelievably good time on Friday lol. I never EVER thought i could have such a good time at a bar but it was awesome and we are doing it again on Saturday.
SO we went to Sin City which is a strip bar. My second strip bar in this city and it was definately an awesome one. The first one that i went to down the street was lame and the strippers were lame. Not that i care TOO much about strippers or anything lol but ya. It was fun....well except for the fact that the guys wanted to sit right at the dance floor so you can see EVERYTHING and the strippers kept coming close to us lol TOO CLOSE.
So Nicole and i got nice and drunk...and of course i had to get fucking heartburn and drenched. Haha Chris got to excited when a stripper came on and was banging the table and my drink fell and spilled all over me and i was wet all night. But that's ok i was too drunk to care really.
We drank Smirnoff ice all night long. mmmm. So Josh ended up coming, Chris and Trent were there as well. Josh had a great time and has finally made friends with Chris. Nicole and i have been trying to set this up forever. They got along so well, they are into the same music and both are/were in bands....etc..
So Friday is video game night at Chris's. Josh is going to go over there to play some old skool games with the guys. Nic and i are going to go shopping and then when were finished were gonna pick up some Baileys chocolate mint and go and watch the guys play some games.
Saturday we are heading back over to Sin City for it's official opening so that will be good times. There is this punching machine that you have to punch really hard and try to get a high number. Some people were getting fuckin 900, which is really high.
Anyways, I guess i better go and finish this assignment that i have been working on for months. This is exactly why i need my own computer.
So yeah,
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