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gotta type fast.

Good Morning.
Time is flying by this morning so i dont have much time to update.
I work at 10 and its W+C day so therefore i have alot of stocking to do.
The concert on Monday was fucking amazing...best concert i've ever been to.
It's great to go to a show with someone that appriciates the music as much as me.
Stef is awesome in that way.
We all ended up making our way fairly close to the stage...we were soo freaking close.
I got tons of great pictures and i also bought a t-shirt...of course!
Anyways on a not so good note, Heidi's degu died.
It was a sad day and i cried for hours. It's so sad knowing she was suffering and there was nothing we could do but sit and watch her slowly die :( My eyelids are still dotted with blood spots.
So i've almost got my xmas shopping done.
I've just gotta buy for 3 more girls and i am done....which also means i am broke.
Can't wait to come home!!!
Spending Christmas with my family and Josh is just such an awesome feeling.
Our relationship just feels so different when we are in Thunder Bay, i love it.
I love it here too, i'm just getting annoyed with this stupid game he always has to be playing.
Well i guess i better go and put my 5 layers of clothes on. :)
See ya all later.

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