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Well....teehee, it's not forsure yet but they are hiring 400 people so i'm sure it's not impossible. He's applying at Boeing which is the largest aerospace composite manufacturer in Canada. Oooo, sounds important. How exciting!!!! He will be starting at $17 an hour, how effing awesome is that!? Do you hear that? That's the sound of my life finally beginning. Since were officially common law now income tax will be a bitch though. Whatever. Life outside of this place is my dream!!! Hehe.
So school is going ok, i am freaking out because i only have until April to finish everything. Gah. Heidi figures that i'm going to get as much money back from taxes this year as i did last. That will be sweet because then i will have all my half for college. Next month I have to go downtown and write an entrance test and hopefully i will get in for Sept. if i don't there's always Feb. I saw an add in the paper for a vet. assistant and i got all excited. It will be a good job for me.....well minus the saddness.
So first on our list of things to buy is a Wii of course, then a computer, then a car and then anything else that will be easier to purchase while our rent is low. I have a feeling that if Josh gets this job that rent will go up but i'm not paying anymore. If so i'd move out right now. I won't be able to prolly even pay what i am paying now since when i start school i'm going down to part time.
So Christmas at home was awesome, as always. I love having Joshua there with me, it makes everything perfect. Since i didn't go home last year i didn't get to see everyone so it was nice to have everyone there this year. Josh and i got alot of nice things, lots of bad things (chocolate) good thing i have self control! Hey i already lost 10 inches in total and i feel great so i am not giving that up for anything! So Seven and Bailey got along just like i thought they would. Hah mornings were crazy bcuz they would just run around the house but it was cute. I got to spend alot of time with Kristin and Lucas. Kris is fun. They are coming for a visit in a week or two so im excited. When i was home though, i didn't get to spend alot of time with friends....at all. I really regret that. I made plans with Crawf and had to leave a day early. I was supposed to call Carly but never did bcuz i left a day early. I was supposed to go to Dayns but never did and then left a day early. That's what happens when you procrastinate. I planned to do everything in one night and then i left friggin early. Good thing though bcuz the next day Winnipeg got 25cm of snow. We would have been stuck.
Ahh well, that's ok. I am going home lots this year since i have 3 weeks vacation. I spending quite some time in the summer there so i'll have a chance to see alot of people. I just really miss my mom, dad and brother for some reason....all the freaking time.
Well i guess i better get going. I could write forever today but i have lots of work to do.
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