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aww, so inlove.

My eyes are itchy! Stop that!
So here i am sitting here drinking a slim fast procrastinating on doing house work on my day off!!
I hate house work. I must clean Tobey, Kaz, and Oscars cage today. Aww, my hamsters were cute this morning.
So this house is pretty crazy today. The Mac's are busy moving there bedroom into the living room and the living room into the dining room so that Julia can have there room when she gets here. Woo.
So yesterday was a good day. Heidi and i went to the gym and worked out, and walked for an hour on the tread while watching CSI. :) It was good. Tonight were going again. I'm gonna try to do some more stuff on the ball tonight. My back is sore. So Nicole won't be joining, she can't afford it right now plus she rather go to the YA and swim. Swimming is for suckers! j/k kidding Nicole. :)
So the weekend is approaching pretty fast. The Mac's are leaving for Thunder Bay on Saturday so we get the house to ourselves!! :) Although i do have to freakin' work all 3 days. Effers!
BUTTTT some good news is, i finally get to go and see Lucas!! Yay!! It sucks stuff didn't work out but i finally get to go :) Can't wait.
Ooo, Joshua is awake and playing with the puppy. Teehee, the puppy got a new ball and she loves playing with it. She's so cute. Josh's hair is so long now, almost as long as mine, it's effin crazy! It nice though, he just needs a trim. You know, he has much nicer hair than me and all he does is wash and go, what a fucker! Stupid boys and there beautiful hair.
Right now i am listening to Eve6 and it reminds me of Chrissy. After me and Jesse broke up and Josh and me were getting together i spent alot of nights there and on the drive home she would always listen to Eve6. So now i have some stupid and some good memories when i hear that band. :)
So i am bored and i just downloading some pictures on the computer so i will post some of Joshua and the puppy.

Joshua on his birthday

Joshua on his new chair

Seven all wet

Josh and Seven on our walk

There's more but i'll post later when i know how to hide them. Well i guess i better go and start laundry :(
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