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warmness on the soul

Wow, it sure feels like forever since i last updated.
I miss this, i really do. I wish i had my dell right now!!
ANYWAYS, right now as we speak or as i type, Kristin is in LABOUR!!!! :)
Soooo, hopefully by the end of the day little Lucas Jonathan Michael Nolan will be born.
In less than a week i am going to Kenora to visit Mike, Kris, and little Luke and i am so unbelievably excited, you have no idea....or do you?? :) Anyways, My mom, dad and gramma are all going so it will be nice to see everyone. I am staying for 2 days, 2 days is not even close to being long enough!! Maybe i will steal away the baby!! :) teehee. I am glad they live much closer now.
Anyways, so tonight is my first night of Curves. I am kinda nervous but mostly excited.
I need to lose this weight. I was told that when i first moved here and lost that 30lbs that i lost is so quickly that my body went into starvation mode and when i started eating reguluarly it caused my body to just store everything as fat and that is why i have just been gaining wait non-stop. So i have decided to go off the pill to help slightly and now i have joined Curves. Heidi and i are going together tonight, it will good for me. Hopefully it will help. It's 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week but i think i might try 4 days week, i dunno it depends. Nicole is also joining so the days Heidi can't go i can go with Nic.
So other than that things are ok.
I was told yesterday that our Sev may close down due to poor sales. Our store is a weather store and it can't be helped. I am thinking that before the store closes they will hopefully change management. I like Mark and everything but if the change will better things that i'm all for it. There are lots of problems with our store though. The staff doesn't seem to understand merchandising. They just rather place things here and there just to get it put away and done. My HABA sections that doesn't normally do well it doing exceptionally well since i have become category manager. What needs to be done is there needs to be a category manager for every section and if staff spend alot more time merchandising for sales im sure the overall sales percent will increase drastically. People just don't seem to understand and now our sales are suffering. Grrr, ok enough about work because it just pisses me off right now.
So lastnight i went shopping with Nic. It was fun, we bought lots of stuff. I bought 3 pairs of black pants hahah 3 freaking pairs, like i need em. Anyways, i bought a cute picture frame from claire's, it has skulls and stars on it, it reminded me of Carly so i put a picture of me and Carly in it. My collection of pictures now is taking over my room. Pictures everywhere. But it's nice to have pictures of friends new and old around, it makes me happy. So we went to Moxies lastnight and had Bellini's mmmm Bellini's and we order 3 dip med bread of course and i had the buffalo chicken mmmmmmmm I spent way to much money considering i have to pay for Curves tonight and then for gas when i go to Kenora. Oh well, it was fun.
So here i am, on my day off, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and my homework....oh and updating livejournal all at the same time. I am a machine....hah as mark would say because i can mop and sweep at the same time....wow what a talent. I AM SO PROUD!!
Well i must be off, i need to add sex to my list of things to do today. :P YYYEAAHHH.
So i'll try to update more often, :)
Check ya later.

I hate when people say "CHEERS" that is all.
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