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you leave me breathless

Helllo, it sure has been awhile.
I always feel like updating but whenever i get here i see no one else has and then i just say "fuck it"
Where did everyone go. I guess this got old, or now everyone has a blog.....oh well.
So alot has happened since i have last written.
It was so awesome, i didn't want her to leave, i miss her muchly, all the time.
So she got here at 4 on Sat. of May long. We went and get everything set up at her hotel and then came back here to show her our house. It was nice to finally show her where we live...hopefully next time she visits Josh and i will have our own place (hahahah wishful thinking)
Anyways later that night we went out to supper at The Royal Crown revolving restaurant. It made me alittle nausious. I mean you could see us moving and it was a super tall building. So the food was horrible and pricey and were never going there again.
On Sunday we woke up super early and went to the zoo. We haven't been in 2 years and it was so nice. We went early enough that alot of people weren't there yet and the weather wasn't too hot. Alot of the animals were still sleeping though but thats ok. I took a lot of great pitures and printed them all out. My camera and printer are awesome. When i was there i bought some worry dolls.....there are 6 in a bag. At night you tell you worries to the dolls and stick them under your pillow. I bought them because i remember making them when i was younger and it brought back alot of memories. So after that we were off to the mall for lots and lots of shopping, but Josh got tired so we took him home.
Shorly afterwards we went to the Olive Garden, i had lasagna, it was amazing, mmmm. And i finally took my mom to Silvercity since she had never been. We saw Silent Hill(2nd time for me), she really enjoyed it, it was great.
Monday we spend the day shopping in St. Vital and The Forks. We had supper here that night and then me and my mom spent the night at the hotel watching movies. It was nice, i love spending time with my mom. Oh ya, i forgot to mention we went to the casino and guess who won $100, thats right, i did, thanx to Josh who told me not to switch machines. Hehe anyways my mom left on Tuesday and i was sad of course. I don't know when i'll be going home. I want to go camping at Josh's camp this summer so hopefully i am able to quit my job sometime soon.
Next week i have a class and then i get to write a test and get $.15 cent raise. ooooo. Well then i'll be making $9. Whatever. To have worked as hard as i have and get the raises i have got and to see that minimum wage keeps going up. It's at 8.10 now. It just feels like a rip thats all. Plus we have to start wearing hats and today we are having set tills like some of the stores....its gonna make work alot more stressful....hahahh and i thought it couldn't get anymore stressful.
Anyways, last month i finally got my correspondence course. I am taking agriculture in manitoba, its pretty interesting. At first i found it hard to get back into the groove of studying and shit but i think i've got it down now. I'm just about done module one so i get to send in my assignment..ooo and then next month i have an exam...craziness.
Ohh ya, today is Thursday. Mikey movies to Kenora on Saturday. This is so exciting. I wish they could bring Doobie but unfortunatly they can't right now....lame! I can't wait to go and visit them all the time. I'm gonna buy them lots of baby presents. Maybe i'll go shopping this weekend. Kristen is supposed to be calling me today to let me know whether the baby is a boy or girl.....ooo...excitement!!! Can't wait, can't wait!!!!
SO i am sitting here waiting for my package from Hottopic, where are you??!?!?!
I bought 2 tanks and a long sleeved shirt....all half price oh and i got to mention i bought my mom and myself some flip flops. Oooo, it better come today and before i have to leave at work.
Gah work....
Mark hired a new guy and hes such a dork....hes so creeping.
He asked me on a date 2 days ago well...he asked me to a movie and i didn't know if he ment as friends or as a date so i said i didn't know.....so i go to work yesterday dreading the question all day long. It was so awkward because i was his trainer and i was avoiding him hardcore. So the question came and i asked him is he meant as friends and he said ya and that felt alot better until he said "as friends...or whatever" haha the look in my face. oh god.
I am so not used to guys asking me out, i've been with Joshua forever. So i told him i was married, yup, well i am, common-law haha, its official too. SO hahha he then told me i could bring my "husband" hahah i giggled for awhile bcuz we are common law but its funny to hear someone call Josh my husband. So i said no to his invite because that would be to fucking awkward and that was the end of that. I work with him today again, which i fucking hate. I think i'm gonna tell Mark and then maybe he wont have me as his trainer. Gross.
Well i guess i better stop here. I am tired and i have alittle under and hour to lay with Joshua before i have to get ready for work.
Catch Ya Later.
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