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and everytime i try to fly, i fall.

Woo, it's been awhile, almost 2 months, i am sooo lazy.
Soon i will have a new computer in my room so i can update more often.
It will be nice.
Anyway, in March i took a trip with my parents to Baysville to visit my grampa who had cancer.
It was a good trip and i am so unbelieveably glad i went. I got to visit with everyone that i have missed so much. It was sad to see my grampa so sick though, i almost cried a thousand times.

My grampa passed on Sat. April 8th. :( It's sad but i am just glad he waited til we were all together again.
He's better now, no more pain and suffering. I miss him :(
Kyle and my dad drove down there the next day for the funeral and to help my gramma clean up her place so she can sell it.
:( It's such a beautiful house, my grampa built it with his own two hands. It will be missed. I loved that place soo much.
So Kyle and my dad just got back 2 days ago and brought back a beautiful eulogy and picture of him. My mom's gonna send it to me.

So i went home for Easter, even though i knew my Dad wouldn't be there.
I got to spend the whole weekend with just my mom...it was awesome.
We did lots of shopping and mother and daughter things.
We ate at East Side Marios, which was fun.
Hehe, i've got her addicted to buffalo chicken now.
My gramma, mike and Kristin came over for Turkey on Sunday and then later that night Chrissy came over.
We had munchies and her, me and my mom played from Trivial Pursuit, it was awesome.
I miss my mom muchly :(
I always miss home.

Anyway, i just spend the last 2 hours reading old journal entries back from 2004 and it really made me want to update.
2004 was a good year.
So last week i got my raise $ .50, i should have got $ .60.
But i said i wouldn't quit if he gave me $ .50 or higher so now i'm stuck there until October.
I may quit alittle sooner.
I need to pay off Visa, my school stuff and get my computer before i quit.
I better beable to get that all done before October.
I can't wait til Kristin has her baby...aww..October 8th!! (which happens to be my moms birthday too)
Mike...a daddy...it will be crazy.
I don't want to miss anything so i'm going to quit my job and so home for acouple weeks.
I'm done at Sev, 2 years is long enough.

So i just had 2 days off, and they were really crappy.
I am sooo sick :(
It's horrible.
I left work an hour early on Sat. because i just couldn't talk anymore and then they actually called me on Sat to cover a shift.
pfft, right i couldnt talk then either fuckers.
So Heidi and i went to Dollerama on the way home and i found some neat things, i always buy atleast 5 things, teehee.
Oh, lastnight i finally got some of my 10 year old films developed. teehee, lots of pictures of me from when i was 10, it was great.
So now i only have 9 more to develope. It's kind of exciting. Ya, i need a life.

So acouple weekends ago was the TASTE OF CHAOS concert. Bah.
It was horrible. I didn't enjoy myself at all.
My grampa had just passed, Silverstein played first so i missed some on there set.
Ahhh wellll.........for some reason, concerts just aren't as exciting anymore.
Which reminds me I had a strange dream with Jesse in it lastnight.
He was dating Amber and it was completely horrible.
I'm guessing i dreamt about him because i had a conversation with Heidi about him and my mom had mentioned she saw Amber acouple weeks ago.
Fuck, i hate dreaming about Jesse. It's just such a bad dream to be having.
I feel so guilty everytime i dream about him, but i really don't have anything to feel guilty about.
He lives in Windsor, i love in Winnipeg.
It's crazy to think about everything that has happened since we broke up...or even since i met him.
He changed me. I am glad about that.
I need to stop talking right now.

Well i guess i better go and make some breakfast for us homebodies.
Sorry about jumping from story to story...hehe.
Well I hope i can update again soon, :)

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