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RIP Superman : Jan '04 - Feb '06

So here i am...crying my eyes, yet again.
Soops died some time in the night and of course i had to find him :(
It's ok though, he died in his sleep, he looked so peaceful.
He's still lying there, i don't want to move him.
I just want to go and watch him and just pretend that he is sleeping :(
I am so happy he lived this long though.
Popeye passed away just after a year.
Dwarf hamsters only live 1-3 years and after just the 1st year they are elderly.
Soops was old.
I was afraid he would pass when i was in Thunder Bay, i am so glad he waited :(
Poor thing though, i hope he didn't suffer much.
His legs had gotten really wobbly and his crotch was always out but he was still eating and drinking and constantly trying to get out of his cage so we could play :)
He was really the best hamster ever.
I don't know if i will ever find a hamster as friendly as him.

We love and miss you muchly Soops.
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